What is vasthu and the Benefits of Vasthu

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Introduction of Vasthu Shastra

What Does Vasthu Shastra Mean?

Vasthu Shastra, an ancient Indian science developed by ancient Indian saints and rishis thousands of years ago, provides guidelines for the construction of buildings as well as temples and has been practiced for centuries.

Vasthu Shastra, an integral part of Indian architecture, has its roots in Indian Philosophy, mathematics, geology, geography, and religion, and takes into account factors influencing a Site, such as topography, roads, surrounding structures, Sun's effects, Earth's magnetic field, cardinal directions, Earth's energy fields, and natural elements.

Vasthu literally translates as "HOUSE" or human dwelling and consists of the following:

• Bhoomi – refers to the parcel of land where the proposed structure will be constructed.

• Prasada – consists of the compound wall and structures constructed within the Bhoomi (Site).

• Yaana – refers to all (chariot) vehicles stationed within the Bhoomi (Site).

• Shayana – includes all the furnishings and implements in the structure (Prasada).

What is vasthu and the Benefits of Vasthu

What is Vasthu Shastra?

Vasthu Shastra is an ancient Indian Vedic science of architecture that prescribes guidelines for building structures in harmony with the environment or nature. Harmony management is accomplished by regulating the flow of cosmic energy through and around buildings, which in turn promotes the well-being, peace, and prosperity of the occupants.

According to Vasthu, when structures are in harmony with the underlying cosmic principles, they become part of the universe's fundamental structure and vibrate in harmony with it. It is believed that these positive vibrations have a positive effect on the inhabitants.

It is common knowledge that a properly designed home is one that provides aesthetic, hygiene, comfort, and space to move around, thereby enhancing the living experience. In such a house, the inhabitants will be happy and content, whereas a poorly designed house will not be conducive to a pleasant living environment, causing them to feel uneasy.

Vasthu Shastra utilizes and manipulates natural resources such as sun, wind, air, etc., as well as the topography of the site, the surrounding pathways, buildings, trees & plants, water sources, and other structures, etc., to harness the positive energy and prevent imbalance in the building, thereby achieving harmony between man, nature, and his constructed environment.

Whether Vasthu Shastra and Feng Shui have Similarity?

Vasthu Shastra is conceptually similar to Chinese 'Feng Shui,' as in both methods an attempt is made to harmonize the flow of energy (known as 'Prana' in Sanskrit and 'Chi' in Chinese) throughout the home. Vasthu specifies the precise placement directions for various objects, rooms, and materials.

Architecture, sculpture, mathematics, geometry, geology (geopathic stress), geography, religion, and philosophy are all considered by Vasthu. Site selection, orientation and location of the building on the site, space around the building, orientation and location of rooms and other elements of a building, direction of the doors, location of water sources, trees to be planted, color scheme, and even the appropriate date for the Foundation Laying Ceremony and the House Warming Ceremony are all governed by these principles.

Is Vasthu Shastra a Science or a Myth?

Vasthu Shastra's very name suggests that it is a 'Shastra'. Shastra refers to a logical science based on empirical evidence. It considers the natural laws that are governed by a set of principles. Vasthu Shastra was created nearly 5000 years ago, and it has evolved over time and generations. Being grounded in empirical evidence and having withstood the test of time demonstrates that it is a Science and not a Superstition.

Our Rishis formulated Vasthu Shastra because they had the wisdom to comprehend human thought. If they did not strictly enforce the planning principles, people would build according to their understanding. Due to the fact that people have different aesthetic preferences and ideas, they would create ugly and unattractive structures. Perhaps to prevent such a circumstance, the Vasthu Shastra principles were created as strict rules. It was said that if one strictly adhered to the Vasthu principles, one would live a happy, prosperous life. And if they were not followed, the residents would become ill, unhappy, quarrel with one another, and even die at a young age. This 'Science' became a 'Superstition' as a result.

Even today, many adhere to the fundamental Vasthu principles when designing a new home or reconstructing an existing one, out of fear that failure to do so could have negative consequences. There are people who exploit the fears and superstitions of the common man and charge exorbitant fees by taking advantage of the people's ignorance and beliefs. Such Vasthu practitioners blindly adhere to the standard thumb rules of Vasthu Shastra, oblivious to the altered socio-economic conditions and the fact that each site is unique due to the surrounding structures, trees, water sources, orientation, topography, etc., and must be planned accordingly.

To truly assist people in achieving positive energy in their buildings, one must have an in-depth understanding of Vasthu and the logic and reasoning behind each principle.

Origin of Vasthu Shastra

Our ancestors created Vasthu Shastra nearly 5,000 years ago as a vedic science for building layout and design. This science has evolved over the centuries to enhance the quality of life for every person on earth. Vasthu Shastra is a Vedanga, which is a branch of Sthapatya Veda, which is a branch of Yajur Veda. The vast body of Vasthu knowledge consists of lakhs of shlokas, which were passed down by word of mouth and handwritten monographs such as:

·       Manasara Silpa Shastra (written by Manasara),

·       Mayamatam (written by Mayasuras),

·       Viswakarma Vasthushastra (written by Viswakarma),

·       Samarangana Sutradhara (written by Raja Bhoja),

·       Aparajita Paricchay (written by Bhuvanadevacharya) Silparatna.

·       Although they preceded the aforementioned documents, Agni Purana and the works of Kautilya and Sukracharya are not as well-known as the aforementioned texts.

Pancahmahabhutas and the Five Elements

What are the Panchamahabhutas or the Five Elements?

Vasthu is founded on the premise that the earth is a living organism from which all other living organisms and organic forms emerge. Due to the presence of the five elements or Panchamahabhutas Aakash (Space), Vaayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jala (Water), and Bhoomi (Earth), only Earth out of the nine planets in the Solar System supports life (Earth).

Space (Aakash)

The interminable region beyond the Earth in which our Solar System and the entire Galaxy exist. Light, heat, gravitation, magnetic field, and waves are the most powerful forces. It provides the other four elements with shelter.

Air (Vaayu)

Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Water in the form of Vapor, Particles of Dust, etc., which are all essential for life, make up the atmosphere above the Earth. The physical comfort of a person is directly influenced by the air's humidity, airflow, temperature, pressure, and composition.

Fire (Agni)

It represents light and heat and is necessary for life's existence. In addition, it represents days and nights, seasons, energy, lightning, volcano heat, the Sun, and the energy of the solar system. Only light and heat are responsible for every living thing's enthusiasm, fervor, and vitality.

Water (Jala)

This is represented by precipitation, river, and ocean water. It exists in liquid, solid (ice), and gaseous states (the steam, the clouds). It consists of Hydrogen and Oxygen and is completely neutral. Each plant and animal contains water in varying proportions.

Earth (Bhumi)

The Earth, the third planet from the Sun, is a large magnet with the North and South poles serving as its poles of attraction. Its magnetic field and gravitational force have a significant impact on all life on Earth. Its rotation about its axis and revolution around the sun cause day and night as well as seasonal variations.

How the five elements affect us?

It is a fact that all five of these elements are required for life on Earth. There is a constant and invisible interaction between these components. These elements operate freely and are in equilibrium in an open field. When a structure is placed in this field, however, the equilibrium is disrupted because these opposing forces create either harmony or discord. If there is disharmony, it must be restored so that the energy flows harmoniously, bringing equilibrium to our lives.

Vasthu can assist us in comprehending the efficacy of the five elements and utilizing them to our advantage. Vasthu can help us create a balanced and harmonious living environment.

Vasthu for All

In our daily lives, a series of environmental hazards envelop us, leading to irresistible, endless physical and mental disorders. Harmony with the environment, spiritual tranquility, and human health are the criteria for healthy homes. These have deep roots in the human experience and traditions of home construction across the world's cultures.

Vasthu is Rational

The Vasthu Shastra is based on the effect of the sun and earth's magnetic fields on the planet's living organisms. The sun is the source of life and the sustainer of life. Sun, the electrical energy that permeates the living universe, is the source of the energy that enables inanimate matter in the universe to transform into living matter. Vasthu interprets the characteristics of a home and explains its effects on the occupants in a scientific manner; therefore, it belongs among the sciences.

Vasthu is Permanent

The theory of Vasthu is timeless and unrestricted by time. Due to the magnetic effect caused by its rotation, the earth has been revolving in a geostationary orbit around the sun for billions of years. Due to the magnetic properties of the earth, the compass needle always tends to point north. Based on the earth's permanent magnetic property and its inclination toward the north, the effect of Vasthu principles is also permanent. The principles of Vasthu are based on permanent directions. Similarly, the effects of Vasthu are enduring.

Vasthu is Beneficial

Vasthu bestows peace and prosperity upon the entire human race. Whether large or small, a home built according to Vasthu makes life pleasant and prosperous. Appropriate application of Vasthu can assist in balancing the energy flow in our environment, allowing us to benefit from energetic, healthy, and harmonious homes. By maximizing the health and happiness of the inhabitants, Vasthu aims to transform a home into a dream home or a workplace into the most productive environment.

It is credible due to its universal applicability. Now, Vasthu is gaining popularity across the globe, particularly among the New Age community.

Vasthu is Universal

Since Vasthu is based on the characteristics of the earth and sun, it is unquestionably universal. Nationality, religion, and caste have nothing to do with the Vasthu science; it is the same for everyone. Vasthu is applicable and adaptable for all people, regardless of location, because it is based on universal principles. Many of our clients in the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Spain, Thailand, China, and Europe who reside in Vasthu-approved and rectified homes have experienced dramatic improvements in their professional and personal lives.

Vasthu is Practicable

Vasthu shastra is based on the placement of internal rooms, the building, the land, and the universe. Vasthu transcends architecture. It is simple and straightforward. Build a home according to the Vasthu principles and you will live a healthy and happy life. Since it possesses all of the aforementioned characteristics and is founded on action, cause, and effect, it can be concluded that it is a genuine holistic science.

Interesting Fact:

In 1727, Jaipur, India's first planned city, was designed by its namesake, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. Under the direction of Shri Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya, the construction of Pink City utilized the Vasthu Shilpa Shastra principle.

Benefits of Vasthu Shastra

Numerous beneficial sciences and practices, such as yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, etc., were given to the world by the ancient Indian culture. Vasthu Shastra is another example of our ancestors' astounding brilliance. Man's relationships and perception of the world have been reflected in all architecture. By constructing structures in accordance with Vasthu, a man can imbue his creations with greater significance.

The positive effects of the five elements that comprise the universe and our bodies must be balanced. This coordination improves the harmony. The more you learn about Vasthu Shastra, the more you will understand why certain alterations to the house or placement of objects can have numerous benefits. So, let's examine the three most important motives for choosing a Vasthu-compliant home.

Health Benefits – Mental and Physical

Vasthu-compliant apartments are designed to make the most of every space and corner. In accordance with the directives, the structure permits the maximum amount of natural light and air to enter. Following the guidelines can also protect you from ultraviolet rays. These factors contribute to improved physical health. Since Vasthu Shastra takes into account designs, colors, and materials, your home can also reduce stress and increase mental calmness.

Better Relationships

The ancient wisdom of Vasthu Shastra enhances the inner tranquility and contentment that all beings seek. It enhances your spiritual health and helps you develop your character. Promoting better intrapersonal and interpersonal behavior enables the inhabitants of a Vasthu-compliant home to enjoy more fulfilling and satisfying relationships.

Financial Success

A clutter-free and well-lit residence attracts positive energy. As stated previously, Vasthu Shastra is believed to increase positivity and what some may call good fortune. This good fortune usually manifests itself in the form of financial gains. You can achieve financial independence and success by applying Vasthu principles correctly to improve your karma. When you are healthy, fit, and less stressed, the environment is ideal for focusing on your goals.

Bottom Line

Vasthu Shastra is a guide for optimal architecture for its inhabitants. It does not require strict compliance with its principles. Although not all policies may apply, one should include as many as possible for optimal results. If you are about to rent an apartment, there are ways to determine whether the space is Vasthu-compliant. If you already own a home or have just moved into a rented apartment, do not worry. You can still utilize a variety of tools and solutions to maximize your space. The ancient Vasthu shastra texts provide flexible layouts and practical solutions for all rooms and buildings.

This ancient science can be used to achieve success at any point in your life. Following the principles and philosophies is not too difficult. Buying Vasthu-compliant apartments and villas is undoubtedly one of the best solutions. Keeping up with the requirements and advantages of Vasthu Shastra.

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