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Carlos Slim Helu & family

Honorary Chairman, América Móvil



Carlos Slim Helú, born on January 28, 1940, in Mexico City, Mexico, is a prominent Mexican entrepreneur who has risen to become one of the wealthiest individuals globally. Through his conglomerate, Grupo Carso, SA de CV, he has amassed extensive holdings in various Mexican companies across a diverse range of sectors including communications, insurance, construction, energy, mining, retailing, publishing, and finance.

As Mexico's wealthiest individual, Slim and his family exert control over América Móvil, the largest mobile telecom firm in Latin America. In 1990, Slim, along with foreign telecom partners, acquired a stake in Telmex, Mexico's sole phone company, which now operates under América Móvil.

Additionally, Slim holds interests in Mexican construction, consumer goods, mining, and real estate companies. Previously, he maintained a 17% stake in The New York Times. Notably, the iconic Soumaya Museum in Mexico City, housing Slim's extensive art collection, was designed by his son-in-law, Fernando Romero.

Slim and his family possess a 76% ownership stake in Grupo Carso, solidifying their position as one of Latin America's largest conglomerates. The distinctive anvil-shaped structure of the Soumaya Museum, designed by Fernando Romero, showcases Slim's commitment to architectural excellence and cultural preservation, offering a vast exhibition space of 183,000 square feet adorned with aluminum hexagons on its facade.