The 30 Best Real Estate CRM Software in 2022

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When the housing market is booming, you're inundated with new clients, and you're closing sale after sale, the last thing you want to do is search through a cluttered spreadsheet to track your clients' information. If you're prepared to take your business to the next level, we'd like to introduce you to a tool that will change your life: the real estate CRM.

A CRM (customer relationship management) system is an online database that enables you to manage your contacts and save time on data entry.

The 30 Best Real Estate CRM Software in 2022

What is a Real Estate CRM?

This enables you to cultivate relationships and make decisions based on data. A CRM is essential for top-performing real estate agents to manage a healthy pipeline in a way that saves time and mental effort.

Why Agents Must Have a CRM

As a real estate agent, you are likely juggling multiple clients at once, prospecting for new ones, and attempting to organize your appointments and contracts. Using a CRM for real estate agents can automate repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Here are some of the most important features of a CRM that will make your life easier:

• Organize prospect information to make it simple to locate (i.e., no more hunting through spreadsheets).

• Respond quickly to property-related inquiries without having to sift through your inbox.

• Record which prospects you have contacted and which are further along in the home-buying process.

• Collect digital information, such as your prospects' website activity and whether they opened your emails.

• Manage your sales pipeline in a centralized location and monitor closings.

• Maintain contact with past clients for relationship management but also referrals in the future.

• Automate tasks and workflow, including email follow-ups following open houses.

Below, we discuss the most effective CRMs for real estate agencies. Although many of these CRMs are not marketed directly to real estate agents, they are easily applicable to this industry.

Best Real Estate CRMs

01 - Real Estate Uno

02 - Zoho

03 - Zillow Premier Agent CRM

04 - Zendesk Sell

05 - Wise Agent

06 – Top Producer

07 – Streak CRM for Real Estate

08 - Shape

09 - Salesmate for Realtors

10 - Realvolve

11 - RealtyJuggler

12 - Real Page IMS

13 - Real Geeks

14 - Property base

15 - Pipedrive

16 - Nutshell

17 - NetHunt CRM

18 - Lion Desk

19 - Less Annoying CRM

20 - IXACT Contact

21 - Insightly

22 - HubSpot

23 - Freshworks CRM

24 - Follow Up Boss

25 - Close

26 - CINC

27 - Buildout CRM

28 - Bitrix24

29 - Apptivo

30 - Agile CRM

If you're new to CRMs and looking for a low-risk way to implement this useful tool, we've compiled a list of free CRMs for the real estate industry. Consider investing in one of the paid systems, that offer additional functionality at a premium price, if you are searching for CRMs with a greater focus on the real estate industry.

1 . Real Estate Uno

Key Attributes

Cold calling

Social media

Email marketing

Two-way SMS and Messenger marketing

Google My Business and Chatbot

Inbound and outbound lead generation in addition to funnels, calendars, and numerous other services required for a successful business.

Consulting services for 6 months

Service for Sales and Property Management divisions

Pricing: $100 per month, contact realestate uno for further details

2. Zoho

Key Attributes

• Mobile CRM app

• Simple cooperation

• Customer segmentation

Zoho CRM enables agents to connect with customers regardless of their location. By integrating with live chat software, email, and social media, you can receive real-time alerts whenever a lead or customer interacts with your business. The real-time reports and insights ensure that you have access to current data regardless of your location.

Other capabilities include the capacity to automate workflows, manage contacts, and manage deals from one stage to the next. You can also create a sales process for your real estate agents so that prospective buyers have a consistent experience regardless of who they work with on the team.

Pricing: Standard: $14/user/month; Professional: $23/user/month; Enterprise: $40/user/month; Business: $52/user/month (Ultimate)

3. Zillow Premier Agent CRM

Key Attributes

• Mobile app

• Listing monopoly

• Reminders

The Zillow Premier Agent CRM provides "unparalleled client insights." You can view your clients' Zillow search activity directly within the CRM, providing you with the data you need to serve them most effectively. Additionally, Zillow provides a free mobile app that enables you to respond to leads and manage your business while on the go.

Its productivity features consist of tasks, personalized notes, and reminders. If you utilize the Zillow CRM, you will be the only agent that prospective homebuyers see on your property listing, thereby eliminating competition. This tool is only connected to Zillow and no other residential real estate websites, which may be a disadvantage.

Pricing: Free

4. Zendesk Sell

Key Attributes

• Open APIs

• Custom dashboards

• Innovative metrics

Zendesk Sell improves team efficiency and pipeline visibility. This tool facilitates communication between real estate teams with agents in different markets. It offers email tracking, email automation, click-to-call capabilities, call recording tools, sales scripts, and automated prospect searches through its Reach tool. This last feature is ideal for commercial real estate agents who must communicate with key business stakeholders. Reach compiles a prospect list based on company size, position, and industry.

In addition to funnel tracking and robust analytics, Zendesk Sell enables your agents to prioritize their time.

Pricing is $19 per user per month for Sell Team, $49 per user per month for Sell Professional, and $99 per user per month for Sell Enterprise

5. Wise Agent

Key Attributes

• Lead automation

• Transaction management

• Marketing strategies

Built by agents for agents, Wise Agent is a robust, all-in-one CRM for real estate professionals. Providing seamless transaction management, advanced automation, time management tools, and a central database for all of your client information, Wise Agent enables you to manage every aspect of your business from a single location.

With Wise Agent, you can optimize your website's landing pages, automate lead categorization and contact assignment, and integrate all of your conversations into a unified interface.

Pricing: $32 per month; $326 per year; Custom

6. Top Producer

Key Attributes

• Compatible with 150 real estate prospecting sources

• A detailed view of contacts

• Prefabricated advertising templates

The Top Producer CRM platform places your entire sales pipeline in the palm of your hand. Manage incoming inquiries, nurture leads, and synchronize all of your contact information via a mobile interface that is simple to use.

This tool also permits the execution of email marketing campaigns, the management of transactions, the creation of email templates, and the dissemination of Market Snapshot® reports to prospective homebuyers. It also enables you to list homes on your website with the most recent MLS information and permits potential buyers to view a street view of the property.

Pricing: $60 per user per month (Starter); $95 per user per month (Professional); custom

7. Streak CRM for Real Estate

Key Attributes

• Functions directly within your Gmail inbox

• Simple Chrome setup

• Performance measurement

Are you an advocate for Google Workspace? If so, Streak could be the appropriate CRM for you. This application allows you to monitor deals in your Gmail inbox. You can save time by managing your contacts in your current inbox rather than switching systems.

You can utilize this CRM directly in your Chrome browser, significantly reducing onboarding time by eliminating the adoption phase. Installing the free extension makes it possible to use the tool with Google apps.

Pipeline management, email tracking, automatic email categorization, tasks, and reminders are included in both the free and Solo editions. The Pro and Enterprise versions offer more advanced features, such as access to the Streak API and reports.

Pricing: $15 per user per month (Solo); $49 per user per month (Pro); $129 per user per month (Enterprise)

8. Shape

Key Attributes

• Email and text message templates

• Lead generation

• Integrated dialer and routing

Shape CRM is a potent real estate CRM with a straightforward and clean interface for managing contacts and transactions. It enables you to automate emails, text clients and contacts, synchronize the tool with MLS listings, and collect client reviews and feedback.

Additionally, you can dial clients directly from the application and prioritize leads based on activity or prequalification criteria. Shape CRM integrates with Google Workspace, Outlook, and MailChimp so that you can perform all necessary tasks in a single location.

Pricing: $99 per user per month

9. Salesmate for Realtors

Key Attributes

• Establish ties with multiple lead sources

• Communication channels such as email, phone calls, text messages, and conferencing

• Automate communications, follow-ups, and marketing campaigns

Salesmate is an adaptable CRM and Automation Platform for sales, marketing, and customer experience teams. Multiple industries utilize the platform, but the vast majority of its customers are from the real estate industry.

Connecting Salesmate to multiple sources and importing leads directly into CRM is simple. Once leads are collected, deal and pipeline management are simple. Salesmate provides you with all the necessary communication tools to close more deals.

You can automate daily tasks, communications, follow-ups, and marketing campaigns with Salesmate.

Pricing: Starter is $12/user/month, Growth is $24/user/month, and Boost is $40/user/month (Enterprise)

10. Realvolve

Key Attributes

• Scalability

• Workflow management

• Individualized email messaging

Realvolve facilitates the creation of intelligent workflows for internal and client-facing real estate tasks. Realvolve enables users to track all contact and property listing information in a single location, synchronizing calendars and communication platforms.

This CRM enables synchronization of your contacts, meetings, and tasks with Google Workspace and the calculation of net commissions for each sale. Additionally, the CRM allows users to send email, text, and social media messages directly to contacts.

Pricing: $94 per month (Basic), $99 per month (Accelerate), $869 per month (Navigator), and $2,119 per month (Premier) (Concierge)

11. RealtyJuggler

Key Attributes

• Automatic reminders for closing dates and anniversaries

• Tailored task plans

• Computes fees, commissions, and splits

RealtyJuggler is a real estate CRM that prioritizes organization and simplicity. RealtyJuggler generates daily to-do lists for agents based on CRM data and was designed to be simple to learn and use. The tool can be used for lead qualification and automated email campaigns.

This is one of the most affordable options on this list, allowing you to test a full-featured CRM for one year without spending thousands of dollars. This application allows you to manage all aspects of rental properties, track commissions, qualify prospects with real estate calculators, and create task plans.

Price: $179 per year

12. RealPage IMS

Key Attributes

• View all investment activity in a single location

• Bulk email capabilities

• Engagement metrics

RealPage Investor Management Services (IMS) CRM is specifically designed for commercial real estate firms. You can manage contacts, send mass emails, and generate dynamic contact lists that update automatically based on segmentation criteria.

It also provides engagement and management tools for investors, allowing you to view their activity, preferences, and portfolio on their Investor Dashboard. Additionally, you can generate Key Property Insights reports to determine how your properties and assets generate revenue and additional expenses.

Contact RealPage for pricing information

These are the most effective CRMs for real estate agents and companies, making it easier than ever to streamline your sales pipeline and sell more homes and properties.

13. Real Geeks

Key Attributes

• Agent assignment

• Email and SMS message alerts

• Real-time monitoring of lead activity

Real Geeks CRM provides real estate businesses with automated support. As leads enter the system, agents can be alerted via email and mobile device, allowing for immediate follow-up. Managers can also monitor agent accountability and output for optimal performance and training.

Real Geeks allows you to create an IDX website for your real estate company without having to code it from scratch. You can create landing pages for each of your agents and a home valuation landing page for prospective home sellers using this website creation feature. All website-generated leads are automatically entered into your CRM as contacts.

Contact Real Geeks for pricing information.

14. Propertybase

Key Attributes

• Listing management

• Google and Office 365 syncing

• Simple analytics monitoring

Propertybase is an end-to-end real estate platform with integrated CRM, Internet Data Display (IDX), and marketing website software. With their CRM, you can manage listings on real estate websites and create automated ad campaigns on social media platforms to ensure that your properties are viewed by the appropriate buyer at the appropriate time. Additionally, it allows you to syndicate listings on real estate portals and integrates with major MLSs.

This robust CRM enables you to automate daily tasks and monitor operational data in a single location, allowing you and your team to focus on selling homes.

With Propertybase, you can also create visually stunning websites that are seamlessly integrated with your CRM, ensuring that you never miss a lead.

Contact Propertybase for pricing information

15. Pipedrive

Key Attributes

• Compatible with Google Calendar

• Segment leads

• Interaction history

Pipedrive was created to simplify CRM for users. The tool visualizes sales by generating customized pipelines, allowing you to see exactly where each of your deals stands in the sales process.

Notable features include reminders, synchronization with Google Calendar, and task automation. Its visual sales pipeline enables you to update contact information, generate new deals, and manage a sale from beginning to end using a single, drag-and-drop interface.

Pipedrive also provides a mobile app and integrates with popular third-party applications, such as Asana, Trello, and Slack.

Pricing: Essential is $12.50/user/month; Advanced is $24.90/user/month; Professional is $49.90/user/month; and Professional is $99/user/month (Enterprise)

16. Nutshell

Key Attributes

• Tailored reports

• Simple team cooperation

• Personal email sequences

Nutshell CRM is a platform that can be customized to reduce time-consuming tasks for you and your colleagues. This CRM is designed to save you time and accelerate the sales process through contact management, Gmail integration, and sales automation features.

Its most useful tools include automated email sequences, phone dialing and recording with a single click, and funnel and activity reports that reveal the status of your business. If you sell both residential and commercial real estate, you can also have multiple sales pipelines. This can also be a useful tool if you serve a variety of clients at various stages of the purchasing process.

Pricing: $19 per user per month (Starter); $35 per user per month (Pro)

17. NetHunt CRM

Key Attributes

• Compatible with Gmail

• Metric monitoring and reporting

• Omni-channel communication

NetHunt CRM is designed specifically for real estate agents and firms. This tool seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace, allowing you to close deals, manage contacts, and organize buyer profiles directly in your Gmail web app.

You can also keep all of the client's information in your Gmail account, giving you access to important documents and past conversations so that you don't lose track of the finer points. You can also create email templates that simplify and streamline client communication.

Pricing: $24 per user per month (Basic); $48 per user per month (Business); $99 per user per month (Advanced)

18. LionDesk

Key Attributes

• Power dialer

• Easily create multichannel campaigns

• Produces more seamless closures

LionDesk is an integrated CRM platform designed specifically for real estate agents. Tracking your emails, phone calls, and messages on a single, searchable platform makes client management effortless.

You can also generate shortcodes for use on signage and other marketing materials, allowing leads to contact you quickly from any location. You can easily create multi-channel campaigns, keep track of important tasks, and generate Facebook ads. This application is compatible with Zillow,, and Ylopo.

Pricing: $99 per month (Starter); $139 per month (Pro+); $219 per month (Premium) (Elite)

19. Less Annoying CRM

Key Attributes

• There are no complex price tiers

• Simple to use

• Facilitating group cooperation

Less Annoying CRM was created with the needs of small businesses in mind. The platform is designed to be incredibly intuitive and simple to learn for teams, providing straightforward contact management.

In addition, they provide customizable real estate features, such as pipelines for tracking sellers and buyers and simple reporting.

You can also keep all of your team's events and tasks in one calendar, streamlining agent-to-agent communication and reducing internal project friction. You can also restrict access to certain data and tools with Less Annoying CRM, allowing your team to concentrate solely on what they need to concentrate on.

Pricing: $15 per user per month is the cost

20. IXACT Contact

Key Attributes

• Mobile app

• Text auto-responder

• Monitors commissions

IXACT Contact is a real estate CRM and marketing automation solution that acts as an assistant, assisting agents and teams with the organization of vital business data.

New users are offered a setup service that assists them in migrating their existing data from documents and spreadsheets into their user-friendly database.

Its primary function is contact and lead management. With IXACT, you can send personalized mass text messages and set up automated reminders to stay in touch with current clients. In addition, you can capture leads from websites like Zillow, manage your property listings, and track commissions.

Pricing: Starting at $38 per month

21. Insightly

Key Attributes

• Simple client segmentation

• Workflow management

• Bulk email messaging tools

Insightly assists real estate teams in creating personalized client experiences. With features such as lead tracking, lead routing, and bulk email tools, you and your team can connect with more leads by working smarter, not harder.

This tool provides a robust workflow automation feature that enables you to schedule emails, create tasks, update records, and send yourself alerts based on the parameters you define. You can also create detailed dashboards to monitor close rates and monitor the performance of your real estate business over time.

Pricing: $29 per user per month (Plus); $49 per user per month (Professional); $99 per user per month (Enterprise)

22. HubSpot

Key Attributes

• Task automation

• Call monitoring tools

• Email layouts

• Free choice

All-inclusive CRM is built to scale with your business, making your job easier at every stage. With capabilities such as contact management, email templates, but also meeting scheduling, HubSpot CRM is designed to help you sell more efficiently and effectively.

Email templates, call tracking tools, sales automation capabilities, and pipeline management systems are among its features. Through our App Marketplace, you can also automate tasks, create a personalized appointment scheduler, add live chat to your website, and integrate the CRM with your organization's apps and tools.

HubSpot CRM is bundled with Marketing Hub, CMS Hub, and Service Hub for enhanced functionality. This tool is ideal for real estate agencies that wish to scale while maintaining a centralized system.

Pricing: free, $45 per month (Starter); $450 per month (Professional); $1,200 per month (Enterprise)

23. Freshworks CRM

Key Attributes

• Lead generation

• SMS, email, and chat functionality

• AI-based perceptions

Freshworks offers a simple platform that is ideal for real estate professionals who want straightforward contact management without a cluttered interface, despite not being designed specifically for the real estate industry.

The platform includes lead scoring and an integrated phone system, allowing you to centralize all communications with leads. You can also add custom fields, create custom sales activities, and utilize a drag-and-drop interface to manage your sales pipeline.

Pricing: $15/user/month (Growth), $39/user/month (Pro), and $69/user/month (Premium) (Enterprise)

24. Follow Up Boss

Key Attributes

• Imports prospects from over 200 sources

• Mobile app

• Outbound call administration

Follow Up Boss is a real estate CRM designed to elevate the performance of every agent. In a streamlined interface, notable features include automatic email sending, inbound and outbound call management, and automated text messaging.

Zillow,, and are natively integrated into the platform as lead providers for Follow Up Boss. You can also integrate with useful third-party tools such as Showcase IDX, an IDX plugin, and RealSavvy, an IDX website creation software tool.

Pricing: $69 per user per month (Grow); $499 per month for ten users (Pro); $1,000 per month for thirty users (Platform)

25. Close

Key Attributes

• Freely migrates data from legacy CRM

• Integrated calling and speed dialing

• Compatible with Zoom for video conferencing

Close is a robust CRM with sales automation capabilities. Among the most appealing features for real estate professionals are two-way email sync, built-in calling and SMS, and a comprehensive search function, so that you and your team will never again have to hunt for prospect information.

Another useful tool is the in-app Zoom integration, which allows Zoom meetings to be hosted directly on the CRM. The recording will be automatically added to the contact's card for future access.

Pricing: $29 per user per month (Starter); $69 per user per month (Basic); $99 per user per month (Professional); $149 per user per month (Premium) (Business)

26. CINC

Key Attributes

• Lead generation

• Marketing technology

• Capabilities for forecasting and generating reports

CINC is a platform designed to help real estate agents maintain relationships with their clients and customers. Agents can manage the entire sales process, from lead generation to client retention, using CINC. Notable features include comprehensive pipeline views, team management tools, and capabilities for lead nurturing.

Similar to Real Geeks, CINC enables you to create an IDX website with your property listings and distribute these listings to other real estate websites. Additionally, you can create tasks and reminders using CINC Agent, their mobile application. Additionally, they offer Open Houses, an application that allows you to collect the contact information of potential homebuyers during open houses.

Contact CINC for pricing information

27. Buildout CRM

Key Attributes

• Integrated property information and mapping tools

• Workflow automation and reminders

• Sensible reporting

Buildout CRM is a robust application designed specifically for commercial real estate professionals. Buildout supports tenant management, capital markets, and development projects, enabling users to track and manage every aspect of their client pipeline.

Additionally, you can automate tasks, reach out to prospects directly from the CRM, and log calls and emails so that you never lose track of client communication. You can also search for properties for your clients and send a Property Teaser brochure with a single click. This last feature is particularly useful because it can streamline the process of locating and pitching properties.

Pricing: Starting at $120 per user per month

28. Bitrix24

Key Attributes

• Fixed costs

• Sales automation

• Free version with no user limits

Bitrix24 provides advanced multimedia capabilities within a complimentary CRM interface. Through live video chat, social media messenger, call back forms, and phone-in chat, realtors can communicate directly with leads and clients. Bitrix24's pipeline management tools provide complete project visibility, enabling you to adhere to deadlines.

With its sales funnel automation capabilities, you can eliminate the need for manual pipeline management. You can track your marketing expenses and calculate your return on investment without installing a separate tool (available in the CRM+ special plan and the Standard business plan).

This CRM is accessible via web browser, mobile device, and desktop.

Pricing: $49 per month (Basic); $99 per month (Standard); $199 per month (Enterprise Business Plan)

29. Apptivo

Key Attributes

• Access client information remotely

• Compatible with most technology stacks

• Conduct focused campaigns

Apptivo enables you to access your contact information, project management tools, invoicing systems, and email campaigns in a centralized location. Apptivo enables you to access client data from anywhere and create powerful automation rules that save time for both you and your client.

The ability to manage inventory, generate work orders, and assign sales territories to agents are additional features. You can also create assignment rules that assign leads and customers automatically to your sales representatives.

Google Workspace, Slack, QuickBooks, PayPal, Office 365, RingCentral, and Dropbox are among the technologies with which Apptivo is compatible. This allows you to manage everything in a single location, without having to switch between apps.

Pricing: $8 per user per month (Lite); $12 per user per month (Premium); $20 per user per month (Ultimate)

30. AgileCRM

Key Attributes

• Unlimited document storage

• Simple cooperation

• Compatible with both Zendesk and Google Drive

Though AgileCRM is not marketed specifically to real estate agents, there are a number of features that can be useful to them. With unlimited document storage, task management, document tracking, and appointment scheduling, this system is ideal for small teams that wish to collaborate using a single platform (the platform is free for up to 10 users).

With AgileCRM, you can track your leads based on where they are in the sales process, providing you with optimal pipeline visibility.

Additionally, you can track your sales, marketing, and service efforts in a single platform, enabling you to provide a consistent client experience from the moment a prospective buyer contacts you. This software integrates with social media networks, helpdesk solutions like Zendesk, and productivity applications like Gmail and Google Drive.

Pricing: $8.99 per user per month (Starter); $29.99 per user per month (Regular); $47.99 per user per month (Enterprise)

Utilize a CRM to Expand Your Real Estate Company

Real estate management is not an easy task. A lengthy list of properties, an extensive portfolio of real estate listings, and a large number of contacts can be difficult to organize in a single location. However, this is where a CRM for real estate comes in. By utilizing a CRM, you can improve client communication and streamline the sales process for you and your team.


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