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 About Livia Voigt

Nineteen-year-old Livia Voigt has swiftly ascended to the ranks of the world's youngest billionaires, primarily through her substantial holdings in WEG, the premier manufacturer of electrical motors in Latin America. As one of the largest individual shareholders in the company, her net worth now exceeds $1 billion, dethroning Clement Del Vecchio of EssilorLuxottica by a mere two months.

Livia Voigt – The Youngest Billionaire in 2024

WEG, a multinational powerhouse co-founded by Livia's grandfather Werner Ricardo Voigt alongside late billionaires Eggon Joao da Silva and Geraldo Werninghaus, boasts a formidable presence with factories spanning across ten nations. In 2022 alone, the company recorded revenues totaling approximately $6 billion USD.

Despite her remarkable financial standing, Livia maintains a low profile within the company, eschewing any board seats or executive roles. Instead, she remains committed to her academic pursuits, currently enrolled in university.

Livia Voigt's rapid rise to billionaire status not only underscores her family's enduring legacy within WEG but also signals a new era of youthful influence in the global business landscape. At just 19 years old, Livia Voigt, a Brazilian student, has etched her name into the annals of history as the youngest billionaire according to the 2024 Forbes Billionaire List. Her ascent to this remarkable status stems from her substantial holdings in WEG, a prominent manufacturer of motors and generators.

From the halls of academia to the realm of high finance, Voigt's journey is a testament to the evolving landscape of wealth accumulation. Despite her youth, she has swiftly amassed a fortune while concurrently pursuing her education. Alongside contemporaries like Clemente Del Vecchio of Italy, Voigt stands out as a beacon of youthful achievement, surpassing previous records by a mere two months.


The narrative of Voigt's wealth is intrinsically linked to her lineage, being an heir to WEG, a cornerstone of Latin American electrical manufacturing, founded by her grandfather. Through inheritance and strategic investment, Voigt has emerged as one of the company's primary stakeholders, catapulting her into the billionaire stratosphere with a net worth exceeding $1.1 billion. Despite her considerable wealth, Voigt remains committed to her academic pursuits, continuing her studies at Brazil University.

Voigt's story is not one of solitary achievement; her sister, Dora Voigt de Assis, also merits mention for her presence on the billionaire radar, having graduated in architecture and securing a position among the top seven. The trajectory of these siblings within WEG's orbit remains unclear, yet their early entrance into the echelons of global business signals a promising future.

As Voigt assumes her mantle as the world's youngest billionaire, her narrative captures attention and imagination, serving as a source of inspiration for future entrepreneurs. Indeed, her inclusion in the pantheon of young billionaires underscores a seismic shift in the dynamics of business leadership, heralding a new era where youth and innovation converge.

In essence, Livia Voigt's meteoric rise embodies the convergence of legacy and ambition, underscoring the transformative power of inheritance and enterprise. As her story unfolds, one thing remains certain: the face of business is undergoing a rejuvenation, with youth at the forefront of innovation and prosperity.